Geigerrig Rig 1600M 3 Liter Hydration Backpack Blue



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Never suck again.

Bike, hike, climb, spelunk, and camp prepared with the Geigerrig 1600 Hydration Engine Backpack. “Hydration Engine?” Yep. So check this out. The Geigerrig’s secret is pressurization. Using a bulb like the one on a blood-pressure cuff, you inflate the bladder to create pressure. Enough pressure that the water literally sprays out when you’re ready for it. No more using up your precious oxygen trying to suck water while climbing a steep hill. With a pinch or a bite on the Geigerrig’s tube, you get a steady spray of water every time.

There are times when a trickle just isn’t going to cut it, and pressurized water can really make a difference. For instance, when you have a wound that needs cleaning. When you’re doing science on the trail and accidentally get something in your eye (sand? dust? sunblock?). It’s great for sharing water, too, with others, two-legged and four, without having to share a mouthpiece.

But built around the hydration engine is a backpack that will hold enough for a 1-2 day trip. Throw in your food, first aid kit, electronics, and a change of clothes. The backpack has an integrated slider chest strap, a removable hip belt, and ergonomic shoulder straps designed for industrial load disbursement. Plus, the back features pads and “air drive” ventilation to keep you dry.

• Tactical backpack that lets you carry 100 oz. of pressurized water
• The perfect bag for gear geeks
• Great for hikers, bikers, climbers, and motorcyclists
• Has MOLLE loops across the front
• Details on the pocketses:
Frontmost section: 14″ tall x 8″ wide (restricted by elastic, so can
expand) x 1/2″ deep, has 3 net partitions, two small zip pockets, pen
holder, small hook-and-loop pocket, and a small clip, closes with 2
zippers which are arranged so the whole section is waterproof
Middle section: 18″ tall x 10″ wide x 4″ deep at bottom (top is maybe
2″ deep – reservoir sits in space), closes with 2 zippers
Rear section: for the hydration engine, closes with a single zipper
2 exterior side pockets: 6 1/2″ high x 5″ wide x 2″ deep, PVC-
reinforced, close with a single zipper
• Liquid Capacity: 100 oz. (3L)
• Dry Capacity: 1600 in.3
• Photographer Liz fit all her climbing gear in one Slide-top design of reservoir lets you fill it anywhere
• Filters can be added to the line to purify water on the trail
• Compression straps can help keep your profile minimal
• Removable hip belt provides extra support, more MOLLE space, and two additional zippered pockets (adjusts from min 28″ to max 50″)
• Heavy-duty nylon top handle
• Comes with a 2013/2014 Spartan Race High Adventure Passport with dozens of 2-for-1 deals on outdoor adventures
• Materials: Heavy-duty 1680 ballistic nylon, neoprene sleeve on reservoir, high-grade polymer plastics on buckles and clasps, industrial-size 10 coil zippers
• Dimensions: 21 1/2″ long x 13″ wide
• Weight: 3.2 lbs. (empty)
• Reservoir is top-rack dishwasher-safe


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