CT 2E692F1C Fly-Weight EVO AlpineSet DY Quickdraw 60cm


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Stabilizing clip made of strong polyamide, designed to be installed onto a ø 8 mm or ø 10mm, oval, quick link in indoor-climbing quickdraws. FIXGYM prevents the quick link from rotating around the anchor or the sling, keeping them correctly aligned. It extends the life of the sling, preventing its rubbing against the worn-out sections of the quick link and/or against the wall panel.

Additional Information

There are 3 ways manufactures typically measure carabiner strength. Major axis strength, gate open strength, and minor axis strength. Major axis is along the spine, like I described above. Gate open means loaded from two points (the elbows) while the gate is literally open. Minor axis is when the carabiner’s load is pulling on the long sides of the carabiner. This means the gate is under force, making it the weakest configuration to use on a carabiner.

All Climbing Technology carabiners are individually tested at 12 KN.

Each carabiner has its own breaking load, for example, the breaking load/carabiner strength of Nimble EVO SG Carabiner is engraved on the carabiner: