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Scientifically proven to reduce injuries – the only insole worn & endorsed by Usain Bolt.

ENERTOR Performance Insoles are designed by leading Podiatrists and made with D3O impact protection technology. This patented smart material cushions the foot when moved slowly, but on impact the material locks together to absorb and disperse energy before instantly returning to its flexible state.

Featuring patented D30 shock-absorbing material, the Performance Insole has been engineered to deliver long-term cushioning and exceptional comfort. Perfect for walking, running and all other sports, the insole supports normal muscle function and reduces the risk of injury.

Following a recent test, the Performance Insole was proven to reduce the pain in over 90% of people with Plantar Fasciitis and improve the overall quality of life for a staggering 96.7% of sufferers.

In addition to the staggering number of people who saw a reduction in pain, the same test showed that over 75% of sufferers were healed completely as a result of using this insole. And with over 5 million people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in the UK alone, the Performance Insole from Enertor has incredible potential to revolutionise your fitness game.

• Contoured Cushioning: Durable, molded sole for improved fit and support
• Control Chassis: Maximum support and rear foot stability
• Supports muscle function and improves performance
• Shock Absorption: Patented D3O technology reduces more shock than any other insole by creating the most advanced protection yet against impact injuries
• Superior Performance: Suitable for high impact activities
• Improves foot function and aids performance, with up to 36% energy recycled with every step
• Durable Comfort: Flexible and lightweight. Suitable for all types of footwear
• Lifespan 18 months


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