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KOTA Longboards – Delivering Authentic Fun! Each KOTA longboard is engineered for carving performance and comfort. As a rider, YOU control your direction and speed by turning and traversing the road – similar to surfing or downhill skiing. Mastering your KOTA longboard ride brings exhilaration and fun to a wide range of terrain. Physically invigorating and mentally relaxing, enjoy the FREEDOM of landsurfing on your KOTA longboard!

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Every KOTA deck is handcrafted out of American Hard Rock Maple from the rich forests of Wisconsin. Rated at a Janka Hardness of 1,450 pounds-force, nearly twice as much as other maples. No other wood will do for KOTA longboards.

From day one we’ve not been content with the status quo. That’s why we developed KOTAgrip, the first truly clear, non-porous, durable grip finish. KOTAgrip gives you confidence in your command of the board even riding in the rain. You’ll only find KOTAgrip on a KOTA longboard. Learn more about this and the other technologies KOTA uses.

• 9 1/2″ Wide X 44″ Long
• 7 Ply American Hard Rock Maple
• Paris 180mm trucks
• 73mm/80A Seismic Speed Vent Wheels
• KOTA Precision Bearings & 1/2″ Risers
• Made In USA