Overade Helmet Light Blinxi


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Blinxi is a lighting system with right / left turn signals activated via a remote control that can be installed on any handlebars (bikes or scooters). With Blinxi, you will be much more visible and will be able to indicate your direction to other drivers, greatly improving your safety.

To meet the needs of urban cyclists and scooter users who already have their own helmet, we wanted to make our product as universal as possible. Once you install the Blinxi light on your own helmet, you can use it without any problem. Obviously, Blinxi adapts perfectly to our Plixi helmet and does not prevent it from folding.

Elegant with a very fine design (<1cm), Blinxi is made for the city. Thanks to its patented magnetic fastening system, Blinxi can easily be removed to be recharged with a micro-USB cable when necessary