Ameo Powerbreather Lap Edition



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Swimming will never be the same.

Breathe in the water as freely as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool for swimming, triathlon and diving. No matter how long and intensive you swim: It supplies you always with optimum oxygen without water infiltrating – in contrast to conventional snorkels. It perfectly adjusts to your head shape, fits comfortably and reliably. That’s due to its patented technology and its excellent design.

The patented AMEO FRESH AIR SYSTEM makes the POWERBREATHER unique. Contrary to a conventional snorkel you breathe in and out via two completely separated channels. Thereby only fresh, oxygen-rich air gets into your lungs. At the same time the innovative ventilation technology prevents water getting in. The result: You breathe in the water exactly as naturally as on land.

Ameo Fresh Air System
Innovative 2-way separation system – for always fresh, oxygen-rich breathing air and free D-Tubes.

Speed Vent easy S
For easy, natural breathing while swimming or actively snorkel diving, without additional respiratory muscle training. Ideal for leisure and fitness athletes who want to do swimming for recreational purposes, but also for snorkel divers or competitive swimmers and triathletes who do not want to train respiratory muscles during swim exercise.

Easy Fit Air Junction
Quick application with maximum fitting accuracy and wearing comfort.

Twist Lock System
Comfortable adjustment to the individual size of the head.

D-shaped profile for comfortable, secure hold with optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside).

reddot award 2015

Fields of application:
Swimming pool as well as calm open water
All swimmers wanting to swim in calm open water as well as in the swimming pool and master the flip turn.

• 2x SPEEDVENT easy S (Standard)
• 2x FLIP CAP (for flip turn or open water / LAP & WAVE Edition only)
• 1x BLIND CAP (for flip turn / LAP & WAVE Edition only)
• 1x CASE LAP Edition
• Made in Germany