Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses | BOW-002P | Polarized | Black Frame | Red Mirror Lens


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SPECT Eyewear is a crossover eyewear brand linking the world of sport with street fashion. Our eyewear is equipped with special functions and designed to be worn before, during and after sports activities.


This pair of statement sunglasses does not only attract attention, it provides a clear vision and ensures secure fit. BOW is the sporty-elegant pair of Red Bull sunglasses for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for function. Our innovative WING technology guarantees best grip during sports activities. Its sleek design sets a new standard and makes BOW a unique model. The sports sunglasses come with polarized lenses in trendy colors.


INNOVATIVE DUAL TEMPLE SYSTEM FOR HIGH MOVEMENT SPORTS – The patented DUAL TEMPLE SYSTEM combines two temple elements in one frame. By moving a small slider on the temple, a second hidden metal wire extends out and wraps around the ear. The second temple provides secure fit grip during high-level sports activities. Through its curly form, the flexible wire securely hugs the ear. In the same way as it extends, the wire slides back until it completely disappears inside the temple again – without once removing the frame from the head.


Our polarized sunglasses reduce the negative effects of reflected sunlight. Contrasts and colors are perceived more intensively because the integrated polarization filter absorbs disturbing light reflections. Your vision becomes clearer and sharper, your eyes are less strained. Polarized lenses are therefore particularly advantageous for outdoor sports and road traffic.


Made in Austria