WAHOO Kickr Powertrainer V5


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ALWAYS OUT FRONT Every elite athlete knows that the challenge of being out front is staying out front. It’s the same challenge we face when looking to improve KICKR. What could we do to take the choice of champions to another level?

This year, the revolution lies in the evolution as we’ve enhanced accuracy, responsiveness and ride feel through changes that are hard to see but easy to notice.

TRAIN WITH MOVEMENT AXIS unlocks your KICKR smart trainer with subtle side-to-side movement for a more natural feeling when indoor training.

ACTIVE FEEDBACK Whether on a virtual training ride or doing a high-intensity interval workout, KICKR AXIS offers immediate feedback by responding to rider tempo and body position changes. With 5° of lateral side-to-side movement, indoor training feels more like the experience of riding outdoors.

REDUCE FATIGUE, GO LONGER By allowing you to move more naturally with the forces applied during long hard training sessions, KICKR AXIS reduces your fatigue, so you can go harder, longer. A TUNED RIDE Whether mashing or spinning smoothly, staying in the saddle or standing on the pedals, KICKR AXIS’ integrated action feet can be independently tuned for a customizable training experience. With three stiffness levels to choose from, AXIS gives every cyclist the ability to match their unique riding style. ULTIMATE KICKR RIDE FEEL When combined, KICKR AXIS, KICKR CLIMB and KICKR HEADWIND deliver the movement and sensations of training outdoors into virtual indoor rides and workouts.

TRAIN WITH PRECISION With automatic calibration, the KICKR has exceptionally accurate power and eliminates the need to perform routine spindowns. You can now maximize every training session knowing the KICKR will always be tracking your power to +/- 1% accuracy. +/-1% ACCURACY 2,200WATTS LEGENDARY RIDE FEEL Industry-leading power and accuracy combined with the most advanced algorithms make KICKR the ultimate indoor riding experience.

It’s no wonder KICKR is the choice of the world’s most demanding cyclists. HIGH-INERTIA FLYWHEEL KICKR’s high-inertia flywheel uses progressive algorithms to better replicate the sensation of riding outdoors. So, whether free-riding or using online platforms like The Sufferfest or Zwift, you’ll experience the feeling of riding your favorite routes. CONTROLLED RESISTANCE KICKR automatically responds and adjusts resistance via your favorite app or software to simulate grade changes of up to a 20% incline. PROFESSIONAL-GRADE CONSTRUCTION KICKR’s robust steel construction and a wide stance provide the durability and stability needed to endure years of high-intensity training. READY TO RIDE The KICKR features a pre-installed 11-speed cassette, multiple axle configurations, a convenient carrying handle, and a tire size height adjustment to ensure you’re up and riding as quickly as possible.