Zone3 8mm Neoprene Swimming Calf Sleeves


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The Zone3 Neoprene Calf Guards are specifically design for Swim-Run races or those with heavy swimming legs to provide extra buoyancy in the lower legs.

SwimRun Calf Guards are the ideal accessory for your SwimRun races helping to provide the additional buoyancy lost by wearing a shorty wetsuit and running shoes in competition. The significant 8mm thick Yamamoto neoprene helps prevent your legs sinking, and help to improve your body position which is designed to help improve your speed and time.

The Yamamoto SCS Nano coating also helps to reduce drag through the water and improve durability. Protecting your legs not only helps improve your swimming technique, they also prevent irritating scratches and bruises that commonly occur when running in competition in a natural environment, as the result of direct contact with stones or brambles, etc.

Being made of 8mm neoprene, the calf guards will also keep the legs warm and give you some natural compression which helps to reduce muscle fatigue during the event and aid recovering post event.

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